Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cassie- Class of 2011 - {Eastern Idaho Senior Photographer}

Cassie is another Rigby High Senior (so many seniors this time of year, which I LOVE!!!).She looked so beautiful in her prom dress, and taking her softball pictures made me miss my softball days of yester-year.... Not to mention her awesome damask jacket that I would have stolen given the chance ;) Thanks so much Cassie, you're great!

Jocelyn- Class of 2011- {Eastern Idaho Senior Photographer}

Jocelyn is another Rigby High Senior. She is cute as could be with such a fun personality. We even got to spend a few minutes in a downtown tattoo shop during the session ;) Thanks Jocelyn for letting me shoot! You're awesome!

Connor- Class of 2011- {Eastern Idaho Senior Photographer}

Connor is a fellow runner. However, his running speed and mine are vastly different, and one of us *cough*Connor* could leave the other *cough*me* in the dust. Connor is also my next door neighbor and his mom is Supermom/my hero :) Thanks Connor!!!

Brittany- Class of 2011- {Eastern Idaho Senior Photographer}

So this was probably the first session with a senior girl where I was standing on my tip toes the whole time in order to be eye level! I am 5'9" so usually it's not an issue, but this cute senior had a few inches on me! She was so sweet (and quiet, and I talked her ear off). Thanks so much Brittany for letting me take your photos!

Betsy, Derek and Shayla

Here are the promised pictures of Derek, his mom Betsy, and his super cute sister, Shayla.

Derek- Class of 2011- {Eastern Idaho Senior Photographer}

Derek is a Rigby High senior this year. He wanted some pics with his dirt bike and his horse. We also did a few with him and his beautiful mom and only sister. I'll post a few of those in the next post. Thanks Derek!