Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bryton- Winter Senior Session {East Idaho Senior Photographer}

Bryton wanted some snowboard pictures, so we decided to do one session now and one in the spring. I made him work! Poor guy had to climb things, sit in the snow... But I think we got some great shots, which is all that matters in the end, right? Can't wait to do his spring session!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A new pic with my new lights {East Idaho Children's Photographer}

This is my oldest son, Mason. I don't get too many chances to take his picture. He doesn't like posing for me, and he's at that age where he doesnt like the way he looks. I can't understand why because I think he's incredibly handsome! Who could not fall in love with those eyes?

Soules Family {Northern Utah Family Photographer}

Another 3 generation family who toughed it out in the cold! I shot this beautiful family in Salt Lake City. Luckily we found a location that was suitable for both indoor and outdoor shots. This family seemed so happy! If ever I need an extra family, I just might ask to join theirs! Thank you guys for letting me shoot ya!

Clawson Family {East Idaho Family Photographer}

What a fun bunch this family was! I shot this 3 generation family in the nice cold Idaho weather, right after Christmas! It was 20 degrees, so we did have to stop to warm up a few times! These guys were a lively bunch and up for a lot of fun shots! Thanks so much you guys! I enjoyed it!

Case Family {East Idaho Family Photographer}

These guys were tough, I tell you! It was 2 degrees outside when we shot this session. We would take a few shots, warm up in the cars, take a few more shots, warm up in the cars...It was so cooooollld! Rescheduling wasn't an option as they have 1 son about to leave for college and the other about to leave with the Navy! Thanks to them for toughing it out with me!

Baby Summer {East Idaho Newborn Photographer}

I got the chance to shoot this beautiful 1 month old baby girl a while back. I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to catch up on the blog! Anyway, she is such a doll. She was old enough that she didn't want to sleep much, so while posing her was trickier, we did get some photos with her beautiful eyes open!

Friday, February 5, 2010

New, new new!!!

So many new things going on!

I just got my new website up and running! YAY! Check it out at


I have several more sessions to get up here and that's next on the list!

I just purchased all the equipment for my home studio. The first items arrived today, more on Monday, and the rest should be here by the middle of next week. I am so excited! Prior to this, I was renting a studio for indoor sessions, so it's great to be able to have my own studio. I'm excited to get to know all my new stuff!


SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP: As much as every teen looks forward to having their senior pictures done, too often (especially right now!), it just isn't financially feasible for some families. Because of this, I will be giving away 3 scholarships to upcoming seniors (class of 2011), based on need. If you are interested or would like to nominate someone for a scholarship session, contact me with their name, school, and why you would like to nominate them. These sessions will be taking place in the spring/summer. Those chosen for the scholarship sessions will be given a free session, proofbook, low-res CD of all 20-30 proofs, 1- 8X10, 2- 5X7s, 4-4X5s and 8 wallets.

SENIOR REP/MODEL Program: I am currently looking for my Class of 2011 Senior Reps. At least 1 boy and 1 girl will be chosen to be the "faces" of 2011. Those chosen will receive at least 1 free session, proofbook of all proofs, low-res CD of all proofs and 50% off all prints. They will also receive Senior Buzz cards (similar to business cards) with their pictures, name and my info, to pass along to friends and family. For every person that books a session and brings in your buzz card, you will receive $15 in free prints. These faces will be used for my Class of 2011 Marketing materials. If you are interested (or know someone who is), please email me and send me a picture (or link to one) as well as a little about yourself- your interests, your hobbies, accomplishments, etc....

I'm really looking forward to beginning senior season once again!